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The revolutionary Way of entertaining
hundreds or thousands of People


Have you ever jointly navigated an aircraft with a few hundred pilots?

No? We make it possible!
SwarmGaming revolutionizes the way groups experience entertainment. By means of optical signals, our worldwide unique technology makes it possible for hundreds or thousands of people to jointly play computer games – using our system as ‘controller for the masses’. We guarantee pure emotion and energy!

How it Works

Special light sources emit light in the non-visible spectrum in the direction of the participants. Everyone decides - using a simple reflector wand - whether to reflect or not to reflect the light. The reflections are captured by special cameras and processed by a computer to render the swarm control signals. That way, up to nine spatially separated areas (e.g. teams) can be processed simultaneously.



Dating back to 1972, the mother of all video games is still standing strong and has lost none of its fascination. That’s why SwarmWorks has modified and adapted the game for swarm applications with large or even very large groups. The rules of the game are simple: two teams play each other – and the impact is gigantic. Promise!


Steering a plane in a simulator is normally restricted to one or two players/pilots at a time. With SwarmWorks, you can have your entire audience fly a plane through a circuit of targets that have to be collected. The targets can be customized by integrating text messages, pictures or even video clips. The audience will only succeed to score high if the entire audience works together as “one team”.




Flight-Version: South Seas


All in one boat…staying the course…sailing close to the wind. Many metaphors were inspired by sailing. And with SwarmSail, you can make them all come alive. Spice your event with a sailing regatta challenge and let your audience steer a boat through a challenging course – garnished with relevant messages or visuals. Participants must work together to keep the boat on course and score by sailing the boat through given gates.


On the edge – walking a fine line – a true balancing act – a real tightrope walk The challenge to the teams: Move your tightrope walker safely and as fast as possible across the rope to the other side of a frightening abyss.
To make the challenge even tougher, introduce cross-wind.
Other than in Indiana Jones movies, our tightrope walkers do not fall into the abyss but manage to catch themselves in time but do lose valuable seconds in the competition with the other team.
Use SwarmBalance as short icebreaker or as metaphor to underscore a true tightrope situation.



… is quickly explained: two teams, two drivers and one goal.

Your Game

Your Brand: Customizing the games to suit your corporate design

Immerse your participants in a game specifically designed for them.
Whether a football stadium in your company colors or the world’s largest plane – an Airbus A380 – carrying your corporate logo – we make it happen and stage your brand in the most interactive of ways. A branded memorable experience.

Your content: Charging messages with emotions

We know from neuroscience that sustainable learning works best (or only)  if cognitive as well as emotional networks in our brain are stimulated simultaneously. Then, and only then, are new neuronal connections created and will be “hard wired” to stay. To that end, we are embedding your messages into the game in a way that will make them stick.


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Experience a new way of entertaining people.




  • “Amazing how something so simple can wow so many people. It works, it’s fun. I was pretty excited during the games and after. Innovative, interactive and good fun.“
    Participant at
    Bearing Point All Hands Meeting

  • “Using SwarmGaming, you managed to immediately draw everyone into the game and to break the ice in our conference – brilliant! In all of the recent years of EXPRIX conferences, we have never before experienced such an engaged and cheerful audience!“
    Priska Wyser,CEO ESPRIX-Foundation

  • “By using SwarmWorks, we were able to transform the 300 attendees at our management conference into ‘hands-on’ participants. Whether you want to playfully entertain a group or work on developing content, SwarmWorks offers a wide, custom-tailored spectrum of tools for large-group events.”
    Eliza Manolagas,Corporate Communications ING-DiBa AG

  • „We learned that participants like to contribute to the success of agenda. The swarm football game convinced even the last skeptic that the swarm wins. Your contribution was one of the highlights of the whole day. “
    Priska Wyser,CEO ESPRIX-Foundation

  • I loved it. First, I though, it’s just me playing along. But then I noticed that everybody participated. What a great way to energize people!
    Kiumars Hamidian,Partner & Head of Service Lines, Bearing Point


Our products and services are made available worldwide. Just contact us – we are looking forward to your enquiry.


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